By the way...what does "letting your heart lead" mean?

Imagine your heart as the center spoke in the wheel of your life.  In it, you hold the values, tenets and dreams most dear to you.

Notice how we're taught to shape our lives: by measuring up to externally-measured standards and at times by egoic drives of our mind.

We count our calories and measure our worth by the number on a scale or the brand of our handbag.  We compare ourselves to celebrities, friends or the woman standing next to us in line.  From young ages, we want to get into the top colleges not necessarily because they're the best fit for us but because of their names.  We work jobs that drain us as they pay well or offer prestige.  All of these things we do because we have devalued the knowing in our hearts.

If not that, what then?

Being "heart-centered" includes:



We live inside out vs. outside in.

We know and live from our core values.  As we let go of external influences, we come to trust a reliable, natural source of wisdom that lies within.  We understand that our fulfillment lies in being true to our hearts and not living up to expectations of our our egos or others around us.


We live on purpose

We believe that we have a unique purpose - just as all things in nature do.  When our natural strengths and talents meet a need in the world, we experience the fulfillment, ease and joy of living on purpose.  Take a walk in nature; it teaches us easily that each animal and plant lives on purpose.  We do, too.


We value wholeness.

Leadership is just as much about who you are as it is about what you do.  Our wholeness is where our strength lies.  When we integrate and accept all parts of ourselves...and others, we live with ease.  Heart-centered leaders let their work flow out from who they are - not what they can manipulate, grasp for or look like.


The Ripple Effect

We understand our interconnectedness with all things.  Our choices effect the world around us.  Like a ripple a tiny pebble can make in a still pond, our tiny choices, words and actions can ripple out into the world around us.