Who you are is as
important as what you do.

Who you are is
as important as
what you do.

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

In a world that focuses so much on our outer appearance and achievements, our inner lives really matter.

I help high-achieving women come home to themselves so that they can experience more ease, health and joy in their bodies, in their work, in their relationships, and in their lives.

In short, I help women (and girls) learn to trust themselves.

A woman who knows she is whole and valuable just as she is can change the world.

But why can living true be difficult for even the brightest and most driven of us? 

For starters, multibillion dollar industries rely on us doing so.  We think we are doing the right thing by pursuing that number on a scale, the job with prestige or the life that looks like a fairytale from the outside. 

Unfortunately, however, we can build it all until it looks just right only to find that we've built a life that wrong for us.

I know that choosing love and living true to our deepest desires can make life a grand adventure.  Sometimes the journey is exhilarating; others can feel like an uphill climb; and others still we may doubt that there is a way through at all.

But there is.  There always is.

And, the burdens of living true to ourselves are lightened when we share who we really are with people who have earned our trust.

One of my great honors in life is to be a trusted partner to women and girls who listen to and nurture the desires and dreams in their hearts.

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A woman who knows she is whole and valuable just as she is can change the world.


My Story

Driven since my early childhood by achievement and external validation, I experienced a life-altering fall from grace in late adolescence.  While  I seemingly had it all on the outside, I was dying inside, and come my mid-twenties, I set out to discover what true fulfillment, health and connection looked like.

I have searched through travel to India, Bali, throughout Europe and in the home of my maternal lineage, Japan, for answers to what that "more" might be.

I have sought out meaning laid out on my yoga mat, on my knees in prayer, in relationships, in countless books, in achievement, in nature, in meditation, and in church.

What I know for sure today is that the North Star I have been following for the last 10 years has led me to discover much of what I hoped to find.

I Choose Love.

Over the past 10 years, listening to those whispers in my heart has lead me into a life unrecognizable to what it once was.

Since I started asking for help in 2006, I have peeled away layer after layer of the life I thought I "should" live to reveal a life where I am whole and healthy in my own skin.


Stephanie Russell is a coach, speaker and writer who has walked through her own fires and inspires women and girls to create lives and careers they thrive in.

In 2009, with a signature radical transparency, Stephanie began speaking on body image and self esteem in schools and conferences throughout the US and Canada.  By 2015, she had reached hundreds of thousands of teens and adults.

As a speaker, Stephanie was flooded with intimate stories of struggle from both teen girls and women all over the continent. So in 2013, Stephanie officially launched Heart of Leadership, a non-profit that supported girls and women as they navigate the pressures of achievement.

Her formal training includes a Masters Degree in Executive Leadership from the University of San Diego in conjunction with The Ken Blanchard Companies, a B.A. with honors in English Literature, professional coaching certification with The Coaches Training Institute, and several yoga teaching certifications.

Stephanie blogs regularly at www.ichooselove.com.

Today, Stephanie coaches from Marin, California, where she lives with her husband, daughter, trusty labrador, and baby boy coming winter 2018.

Life Heart First

A Poem

Girls on Fire

Her smile is not a mask
But the way her joy breaks open.

Her tears are not held back
But heal from the heart as they flow.

Her dance is not measured
But is hers, shapely, divinely, and rightly.

Her anger, hot,
Ignites transformation.

Her w h o l e n e s s creates more space for all.

Her presence welcomes
And lifts as she rises.

Her truth does not isolate her like she once thought it would,
But allows her to stand heart open

In a circle of Girls
On Fire to Change Our World.

- Stephanie (Armstrong) Russell