Quiet the noise and...

trust yourself.

Quiet the noise and...

trust yourself.

Quiet the noise and...

trust yourself.

These moments matter.
The whispers in your heart are getting lounder.
Can you hear them?

In a world that can form us through external expectations, how do you hold on to yourself?

How do you stay connected to what's most true to you?

Life driven by dreams that aren't your own can be full of struggle, void of aliveness, and wrought with dis-ease.   But...


A woman who trusts herself changes the world. 

Driven since my early childhood by achievement and external validation, I experienced a life-altering fall from grace in late adolescence.  While  I seemingly had it all on the outside, I was dying inside, and come my mid-twenties, I set out to discover what true fulfillment, health and connection looked like.

Coming into right relationship with yourself affects every relationship in your life - from the one you have with your body to the one you have with your spouse, children, career, and friends.

"As a mother, it has become even more important for me to lead by example - not abandoning myself when I need my truth most. I was able to regain agency in my life in a way that felt genuine to my heart, thanks to working Stephanie."

- Noel B., Executive, Mother, HBS Alum, Philanthropist

If you're ready to create a life where at your core you know that you can trust yourself, I invite you to turn up the volume from within. 
You're the leader of your journey, and you don't have to go at it alone. 
If you are ready to risk the well-trodden trail to experience greater vitality and fulfillment, I look forward to meeting you! 

Welcome!  I'm Stephanie,
and I'm so glad you are here.  

One of my great honors in life is to be a trusted partner to women and girls who listen to and nurture their true desires, hopes and dreams.

"I have empowered myself and made some huge decisions I truly did not feel I was capable of making.  I am taking time for myself and listening to the best parts of myself."

- Lisa W., Entrepreneur & Master Dance Professional